Friday, January 23, 2009

Party Weekend!!

Ruth's birthday is the 13th and her big surprise party was on the 17th. I picked up Ruth, Ci, Tanya and Sid Saturday morning and we drove to Lordsburg, New Mexico. Ruth kept asking us all the way there what we were going for. We told her we were picking up her sister Myrtle. Ruth thought that was a long way to go and why couldn't someone else bring her back to Phoenix. We dropped her off at her sister June's and the rest of us went to the church to decorate. June told her they were going to the
church for a game night so she had to get dressed up. Ruth just wanted to stay at the house but they talked her into going. She was really surprised when she walked in the door and everyone started singing Happy Birthday.
All of her brothers and sisters were there.
This is the youngest of the bunch, Roy, his
wife Sunny and a great granddaughter.
My sister, Ci, Sunny and Tanya's son Sid
Harvey and his wife, Vanita
(I don't know the women next to them)
Myrtle and June
The back drop is a quilt made by Ruth's
Grandmother Hatch. One of her cousins
brought it to show everyone. From left
to right, Ci, Roy, June, Harvey, Norma
Vanita, and Sunny. In front are Ruth and
Myrtle. Ruth had a great time visiting with
the over 100 guests that came to wish her
well. She said, "This was so much fun I think
I will stick around and have another one next
year. We drove home Sunday morning.
The Glendale Stake is doing Youth Olympics.
Tanner got 1st place for making PJs for Adalyn.

Sunday was Diana's birthday! The family got
together at Darla's for dinner and birthday cake.
Her favorite is Lincoln Log. I made two just in case.
Princess Diana had to blow 3 times to
get all the candles out.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Trip on the Lightrail

The light rail starts on 19th and Monticello.
on the 13th my friends Dottie, Dorie and I
took a trip to down town Tempe for lunch.
This cute little machine spits out your
ticket. I had to get coaching from Dorrie.

Dorrie and Dottie are great traveling companions.

We made it to Tempe in about an hour.

We had lunch at Macayo's and then walked
around exploring the shops in the area.
We started at 10:30 and got back
around 2:00. It was a fun way to
spend a few hours with friends.

Aralynne's Quilt

This is the quilt I made for Aralynne.
This was easier than Addisyn's.
It is a panel that I just had to
stitch around. It was a lot quicker to do.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Addisyn's Quilt

This was my first attempt to piece
a baby quilt. It took me about 3 weeks
but it was fun! And I was pleased with
the end result. Here is Sam after opening
the quilt for Amber.


Amber and Addisyn

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I finally did it!

Tout ca c'est moi qui la fait! (All of this it is me who did it.)
All my kids have been after me for years to put a recipe book together with all our family favorites, so here it is. I do have a few extra! ($12.00 each Ü)

My Dancin' Shoes

Sunday night dinners are getting a little wild!!!
I grew a foot or two ...or 7 inches
Nathan got these as a white elephant gift

I accidently let slip
what my old profession used to be....
you will have to ask someone that was there

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My new great-granddaughter Addisyn

Amber came to visit with Addisyn
3 Generation (we will get all 4 this weekend)